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Battery operated hand sanitizer dispenser

Hand sanitizer dispenser


Designed and manufactured in Spain, the Inclass collection typifies the avant guard creativity of some of Europe's greatest designers, including Jorge Pensi and Ramon Esteve. Manufactured to exacting standards The Inclass Collection combines style, durability and originality.

Escalas 0200TA

Escalas 0205TA

Escalas 0207TA

Escalas 0215TA

Escalas 0217TA

Escalas 0220TA

Escalas 0225TA

Escalas 0227TA

Escalas 0230TA

Escalas 0235TA

Escalas 0237TA

Escalas 0250TA

Escalas 0255TA

Escalas 0257TA

Escalas 0265TA

Escalas 0267TA

Escalas 0315TA

Escalas 0317TA

Escalas 0325TA

Escalas 0327TA

Escalas 0410MA

Escalas 0415MA

Escalas 0417MA

Escalas 0420MA

Escalas 0425MA

Escalas 0427MA

Escalas 0430LC

Escalas 0430LC

Escalas 0430NG

Escalas 0430RO

Escalas 0435LC

Escalas 0435LC

Escalas 0435NG

Escalas 0435RO

Escalas 0437LC

Escalas 0437LC

Escalas 0437NG

Escalas 0437RO

Escalas 0600

Escalas 0610

Escalas 0620

Escalas 0640

Escalas 0808PC

Escalas 0808PD

Escalas 0808PI

Escalas 0808PT

Escalas 0812PC

Escalas 0812PT

Escalas 0814PT

Escalas 0816PT

Escalas 0818PT

Escalas 0820PT

Escalas 0824PT

Ellora Circuit Breaker

Ellora Interlink 2

Ellora Interlink 3

Ellora Plugin

Node with Plugin



TETRIS 0010+0025

TETRIS 0080BA+0025

TETRIS 0100BA+0025

TETRIS 0140DI+0025

TETRIS 0150BA+0025

TETRIS 0160SC+0025

TETRIS 0200BA+0025

TETRIS 080BAC+0025

TETRIS 085BAC+0025

Varya 1.8

Varya 1.8 PP

Varya 1.9

Varya 1.9 PP

Varya 2.10L

Varya 2.10L PP

Varya 2.10R

Varya 2.10R PP

Varya 2.8

Varya 2.8 PP

Varya 2.9

Varya 2.9 PP

Varya Tapiz 2.10L

Varya Tapiz 2.10R

Varya Tapiz 1.8

Varya Tapiz 1.9

Varya Tapiz 2.8

Varya Tapiz 2.9

Varya Task 1.1

Varya Task 1.2

Varya Task 1.3

Varya Task 1.4

Varya Task 1.5

Varya Task 2.1

Varya Task 2.2

Varya Task 2.3

Varya Task 2.4

Varya Task 2.5

Varya Task 2.6


The Montbel Collection represents everything that is respected in Italian craftsmanship and design. Manufactured entirely in Italy, all aspects of the collection’s manufacturing are controlled in-house ensuring the superlative attention to detail that is the Montbel hallmark.

Leela 2.1

Leela 2.2

Leela 3.1

Leela 3.2

Leela 4.1

Leela 4.2

Leela 5.1

Leela 5.2


Social Distancing Strap

Sandler multi-purpose

UTT - Universal Table Trolley


Designed and manufactured in Germany Sedus has been at the forefront of contemporary office furniture design for decades. With a focus on ergonomics Sedus utilise their design expertise to push boundaries, and have developed an innovative range of modern, stylish and comfortable designs.

Brainstorm 409

Brainstorm 410

Brainstorm 412

Brainstorm 420

Brainstorm 432

Open Up 940


Manufactured entirely in Italy, the Tonon collection has evolved from the designs of some of Europe’s leading furniture designers - Martin Ballendat, Mac Stopa and Peter Maly, to name but a few. Using innovative materials, shapes and themes, it represents the cutting edge in Italian innovation and creativity.

Flat Soft 9W3.75

Flat 923.65

Flat Soft 9W3.74


Woodlook furniture is built from sturdy aluminum whilst maintaining an authentic wood appearance. The unique Woodlook process offers unparalleled durability yet is lightweight, scratch resistant, water resistant, competitively priced and can be customized to meet bespoke designs. Woodlook is a trademark registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Woodlook 1.11

Woodlook 3.11

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