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Balmoral Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Balmoral Granite Top

Malaga Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Malaga Granite Top

Nero Assoluto Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Nero Assoluto Granite Top

Oro Veneziano Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Oro Veneziano Granite Top

Rosa Porino Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Rosa Porino Granite Top

Rosso Imperiale Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Rosso Imperiale Granite Top

Verde Bahia Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Verde Bahia Granite Top

White Marble Table Top

White Marble Top


Round Gloss Stainless Steel Top

Round Matt Stainless Steel Top

Square Matt Stainless Square/Rectangular Top

Square/Rectangular Gloss Stainless Steel Top

Art 462 Viena

Art 463 Viena

Art 464 Viena

Art 464H Viena


Art 701 Travis

General Seating

HDS 1.3

HDS 4.3

HDS 5.1

Battery operated hand sanitizer dispenser

Hand sanitizer dispenser

Et Al

Manufactured in Italy, the Et Al collection offers a range of stylish and sturdy furniture at highly competitive price points, offering practicality without compromising comfort and design. Many of the models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are stackable.

Bikini 1.0

Classy 1090

Classy 1091

Classy 1092

Classy 1092CS

Echo 210

Echo 212

Echo 213

Echo 213B

Echo 214B

Flint 1.0

Flint 2.0

Ibis 049

Ibis 049Z

Ibis 302

Ibis 302B

Mare 1.0

Milos 1140

Milos 1141

Milos 1142

581 MT

582 MT

582A MT

583 MT

584 MT

584A MT

591AQ MT

591AT MT

591Q MT

591T MT

593 MT

597 MT

598T MT

599AQ MT

599AT MT

599T MT

Nassau 1.0

Nassau 2.0

Nassau 3.0

Nassau 4.0

Play 538

Shade 1.1

Shade 2.1

Shade 3.1

Shade 4.1

Shade 5.1

Snap 1100

Snap 1101

Snap 1102

Snap 1102CS

Stripes 547

Stripes 548

Round Stratified Compact Full Color Top

Round Stratified Compact Top

Uni 379-P

Uni 380-P

Uni 553-P

Uni 572-P

Uni 573-P

Uni 574-P

Uni-Ka 563-P

Uni-Ka 565-P

Uni-Ka 566-P

Uni-Ka 568-P

Uni-Ka 569-P

Zero 208

Zero 209


Stak 1.1


Manufactured entirely in Italy, the Tonon collection has evolved from the designs of some of Europe’s leading furniture designers - Martin Ballendat, Mac Stopa and Peter Maly, to name but a few. Using innovative materials, shapes and themes, it represents the cutting edge in Italian innovation and creativity.

CORDA 162.01

CORDA 162.02

Corda 162.11

Corda 162.12

Corda 162.21

Corda 162.22

Corda 162.31

Corda 162.32

CORDA 162.41

CORDA 162.42

CORDA 162.51

CORDA 162.52

Corda 162.71

Corda Table 162.61

Corda Table 162.65

Corda Table 162.75

River Chair 903.11

River Snake 903.10

River Stone 903.00

River Stone 903.60

River Stone Small 903.05

Riverside 903.21

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