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Balmoral Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Balmoral Granite Top

Malaga Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Malaga Granite Top

Nero Assoluto Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Nero Assoluto Granite Top

Oro Veneziano Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Oro Veneziano Granite Top

Verde Bahia Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Verde Bahia Granite Top

White Marble Table Top

White Marble Top


Round Gloss Stainless Steel Top

Round Matt Stainless Steel Top

Square Matt Stainless Square/Rectangular Top

Square/Rectangular Gloss Stainless Steel Top

Art 463 Viena

Art 464 Viena

Art 464H Viena

Art 464HD Viena

Et Al

Et Al is a combination of traditional craftsmanship, industrial innovation and good design. Developed using international designers, Et Al has the know-how needed to provide new forms to modern living. The Et Al collection offers high-quality solutions which are designed to improve lifestyles and relationships with living spaces.

Apple 0009

511 AX

512 AX

512A AX

513 AX-VR

AX 514 - Adjustable Feet

Bikini 1.0

Bloom 1200

Bloom 1201

Bloom 1202

Bloom 1202DX

Bloom 1202SX

Bloom 1203

Bloom 1205

Bloom 1206

Bloom 1206DX

Bloom 1206SX

Bloom 1207

Bloom 1207DX

Bloom 1207SX

Bloom 1208DX

Bloom 1208SX

Bloom 1209DX

Bloom 1209SX

Bloom 1210DX

Bloom 1210SX

Bloom 1211DX

Bloom 1211SX

Bloom 1212

Bloom 1213DX

Bloom 1213SX

Bloom 1214DX

Bloom 1214SX

Bloom 1215

Bloom 1216

Bloom 1217

Bloom 1217DX

Bloom 1217SX

Bloom 1218DX

Bloom 1218SX

Bloom 1219DX

Bloom 1219SX

Bloom 1220DX

Bloom 1220SX

Bloom 1221DX

Bloom 1221SX

Bloom 1222DX

Bloom 1222SX

Bloom 1225

Bloom 1230

Bloom 1231DX

Bloom 1231SX

Bloom 1232DX

Bloom 1232SX

Bloom 1233DX

Bloom 1233SX

Bloom 1235

Bloom 1236

Bloom 1237

Bloom 1238

Bloom 1240

Bloom 1241

Bloom 1242

Bloom Sample Configuration

Boom 0008

Classy 1085

Classy 1090

Classy 1091

Classy 1092

Classy 1092CS

Dunk 1191

Dunk 1192

Echo 210

Echo 212

Echo 213

Echo 213B

Filoline 001

Flint 1.0

Flint 2.0

Ibis 049

Ibis 049Z

Ibis 302

Ibis 302B

Mare 1.0

Milos 1140

Milos 1141

Milos 1141R

Milos 1142

581 MT

582 MT

582A MT

583 MT

584 MT

584A MT

591AQ MT

591AT MT

591Q MT

591T MT

593 MT

597 MT

598T MT

599AQ MT

599AT MT

599T MT

Nassau 1.0

Nassau 2.0

Nassau 3.0

Nassau 4.0

Net 091

Net 092

Net 396

Noodle 8.1

Noodle 8.2

Pif 211

Shade 1.1

Shade 2.1

Shade 3.1

Shade 4.1

Shade 5.1

Shade Cushion 619

Shade Cushion 624-624B

Shade Cushion 625-626

Snap 1100

Snap 1101

Snap 1102

Snap 1102CS

Round Stratified Compact Full Color Top

Round Stratified Compact Top

Square Stratified Compact Full Color Top

Square Stratified Compact Top

Uni 379-P

Uni 380-P

Uni 553-P

Uni 572-P

Uni 573-P

Uni 574-P

Uni-Ka 563-P

Uni-Ka 565-P

Uni-Ka 566-P

Uni-Ka 569-P

Web 466

Web 466A

Web 467

Web 467A

Web 468

Zenith 475

Zenith 476

Zero 208

Zero 209

General Seating

HDS 1.3

HDS 4.3

HDS 5.1


INCLASS is driven by a need to understand and interpret a world that is experiencing rapid changes. Made in Spain, with the main focus being on the end user, leading international designers create innovative and timeless products, which commit to offering functionality, versatility, and beauty.

Essens 9.1

Essens 9.2

Essens 9.3

Essens 9.4

Essens 9.5

Essens 9.6

Essens 9.7

Essens Ellipse 9.1

Essens Ellipse Table Top

Essens Oval Table Top

Essens Round Table Top

Essens Square Table Top


The Milano collection offers a range of high-quality Italian chairs and barstools. Manufactured entirely in Italy, each model is available in a wide choice of finishes including vivid lacquers and stains. Upholstery can be supplied from our graded-in selections or in COM.

Cala 1.1

Cala 1.2

Cala 2.1

Cala 2.2

Cala 8.4

Cala Hybrid 1.1

Cala Hybrid 1.2

Cala Hybrid 2.1

Cala Hybrid 8.4

Cala Plus 1.2

Cala Plus 2.1

Cala Plus 8.4

Momo 1

Momo 2

Momo 3

Momo Table 1-600

Momo Table 1-700

Momo Table 1Q-600

Momo Table 1Q-700

Momo Table 2-600

Momo Table 2Q-600

Stak 1.1


Manufactured entirely in Italy, Tonon works with some of Europe’s leading furniture designers, including Martin Ballendat, Mac Stopa and Peter Maly, to name but a few. Using only the best materials, shapes, and themes, it represents the cutting edge in Italian innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship. Tonon is committed to working with the utmost care for the environment wherever possible.

CORDA 162.01

CORDA 162.02

Corda 162.11

Corda 162.12

Corda 162.21

Corda 162.22

Corda 162.31

CORDA 162.41

CORDA 162.42

CORDA 162.51

CORDA 162.52

Corda 162.71

Corda Table 162.61

Corda Table 162.65

Corda Table 162.75

River Chair 903.11

River Snake 903.10

River Stone 903.00

River Stone 903.60

River Stone Small 903.05

Riverside 903.21

Sailor 165.01

Sailor 165.21

Sailor 165.41

Sailor 165.42

Sailor 165.61

Shells 945.12

Shells 945.22