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We offer a beautiful range of Italian designed furniture enabling you to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment.

General Seating

Premier Plus 5.0

Premier Plus 6.0


The Groove collection presents a range of Italian designed and manufactured chairs and barstools. Each model is available in a wide choice of finishes including vivid lacquers and stains. Upholstery can be supplied from our graded-in selections or in COM.

Celine 5.3

Celine 5.5

Eleanor 6.0

Frida 5.3

Hyppo 6.1

Hyppo 7.2

Hyppo 8.1

Hyppo 8.2

Hyppo 8.3

Hyppo 8.4

Hyppo 8.5

Timber 5.1

Timber 5.2

Vicky 3.10

Vicky 3.11

Vicky 3.9

Vicky 5.1


Designed and manufactured in Spain, the Inclass collection typifies the avant guard creativity of some of Europe's greatest designers, including Jorge Pensi and Ramon Esteve. Manufactured to exacting standards The Inclass Collection combines style, durability and originality.

Avalon 7.1

Avalon 7.2

Cubik 2.1

Dunas XL 5.1

Elements 2.0

Elements 6.0

Elements 7.2

Elements 7.3

Elements 7.4

Escalas 0010

Escalas 0015

Escalas 0020

Escalas 0025

Escalas 0030

Escalas 0035

Escalas 0040

Escalas 0045

Escalas 0200TA

Escalas 0205TA

Escalas 0207TA

Escalas 0215TA

Escalas 0217TA

Escalas 0220TA

Escalas 0225TA

Escalas 0227TA

Escalas 0230TA

Escalas 0235TA

Escalas 0237TA

Escalas 0250TA

Escalas 0255TA

Escalas 0257TA

Escalas 0265TA

Escalas 0267TA

Escalas 0315TA

Escalas 0317TA

Escalas 0325TA

Escalas 0327TA

Escalas 0410MA

Escalas 0415MA

Escalas 0417MA

Escalas 0420MA

Escalas 0425MA

Escalas 0427MA

Escalas 0430LC

Escalas 0430LC

Escalas 0430NG

Escalas 0430RO

Escalas 0435LC

Escalas 0435LC

Escalas 0435NG

Escalas 0435RO

Escalas 0437LC

Escalas 0437LC

Escalas 0437NG

Escalas 0437RO

Escalas 0600

Escalas 0610

Escalas 0620

Escalas 0640

Escalas 0808PC

Escalas 0808PD

Escalas 0808PI

Escalas 0808PT

Escalas 0812PC

Escalas 0812PT

Escalas 0814PT

Escalas 0816PT

Escalas 0818PT

Escalas 0820PT

Escalas 0824PT

Essens 9.7

Lapse 0015 Frame








LAPSE 0100

LAPSE 0110

Lapse 0200TA

Lapse 0205TA

Lapse 0207TA

Lapse 0210TA

Lapse 0220TA

Lapse 0225TA

Lapse 0230TA

Lapse 0245ta

Lapse 0250ta

Lapse 0300BD

Lapse 0300BI

Lapse 0310BC


Lapse 0400MA

Lapse 0410MA

Lapse 0430MA

Lapse 0440MA

Lapse 0450ma

LAPSE 05000P

LAPSE 05100P

LAPSE 05220P

Lund 6.1

Lund 6.4

Lund 6.5

Lund 7.1

Lund 7.4

Marcus 6.1

Marcus 7.2

Marcus 7.3

Marcus 7.4

Neo 7.4

Pau 6.0

Pau 6.1

Pau 6.2

Pau 7.0

Pau 7.1

Pau 7.1 S1

Pau 7.1 S3

Tetris 0001BI


TETRIS 0010+0025

Tetris 0050RE

TETRIS 0080BA+0025

TETRIS 0100BA+0025

TETRIS 0140DI+0025

TETRIS 0150BA+0025

Tetris 0150RE

TETRIS 0160SC+0025

Tetris 0200BA

TETRIS 0200BA+0025

TETRIS 080BAC+0025

TETRIS 085BAC+0025

Tetris 8080RI

Et Al

Manufactured in Italy, the Et Al collection offers a range of stylish and sturdy furniture at highly competitive price points, offering practicality without compromising comfort and design. Many of the models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are stackable.

Myra 2.5

Myra 2.6

Myra 5.5

Myra 5.6

Myra 8.4

Myra 8.5


The Montbel Collection represents everything that is respected in Italian craftsmanship and design. Manufactured entirely in Italy, all aspects of the collection’s manufacturing are controlled in-house ensuring the superlative attention to detail that is the Montbel hallmark.

Azure 2.7

Azure 5.1

Azure 5.2

Azure 6.1

Azure 7.1

Charme 5.1

Charme 5.2

Charme 6.1

Danielle 2.1

Danielle 2.2

Danielle 8.1

Delice 6.1

Delice 8.1

Delice 8.11

Delice 8.3

Delice 8.5

Delice 8.7

Delice 8.9

Delice 9.1

Delice 9.11

Delice 9.3

Delice 9.5

Delice 9.7

Delice 9.9

Delice cushion 40x40 cm

Delice cushion 50 x 50cm

Diadema 04010

Diadema 04011

Diadema 04012L

Diadema 04012TD

Diadema 04012TS



Diadema 04013TS

Diadema 04020

Diadema 04021

Diadema 04022L

Diadema 04022TD

Diadema 04022TS

Diadema 04023L

Diadema 04023TD

Diadema 04023TS

Diadema 04030

Diadema 04031

Diadema 04040

Diadema 04041

Diadema 04050

Diadema 04051

Edgar 5.1

Grace 5.1

Grace 5.2

Light 2.3

Linear 1.0

Linear 1.0B

Linear 1.1

Linear 2.0B

Linear 2.1

Linear 2.1B

Linear 3.0 Corner

Linear 4.1 Corner

Luma 5.1

Luma 6.0

Luma 6.4

Luma 6.4k

Luma 6.5

Luma 6.6

Luma 6.6K

Luma 6.7

Luma 7.0

Luma 7.3

Luma 7.3k

Luma 5.1K

Luma 5.2K

Luma 6.0K

Luma 6.3

Luma 7.0K

Luma 7.2

Luma 8.0L

Luma 8.1R

Luma 8.2

Luma 8.2L

Luma 8.3R

Luma 9.0L

Luma 9.0R

Luma 9.2

Luma 9.2L

Luma 9.2R

Luma 9.3L

Luma 9.3R

Mayfair 4.0

Mayfair 6.0

Niky 2.1

Niky 2.2

Offset 5.1

Offset 5.2

Opera 5.2

Opera 5.3

Opera 6.1

Pouf 1.0

Pouf 1.3

Rose 5.1

Rose 5.1P

Rose 5.3

Rose 6.1

Rose 6.2

Rose 8.1

Rose 8.2

Star 9.1

Wave-MB 5.0


Designed and manufactured in Germany Sedus has been at the forefront of contemporary office furniture design for decades. With a focus on ergonomics Sedus utilise their design expertise to push boundaries, and have developed an innovative range of modern, stylish and comfortable designs.

Se:Works 602

Se:Works 613

Se:Works 673

Se:Works 674

Se:Works 678

Sopha 501

Sopha 502

Sopha 511

Sopha 513

Sopha 522


Manufactured entirely in Italy, the Tonon collection has evolved from the designs of some of Europe’s leading furniture designers - Martin Ballendat, Mac Stopa and Peter Maly, to name but a few. Using innovative materials, shapes and themes, it represents the cutting edge in Italian innovation and creativity.

Beret 301.21

Beret 301.22

Club 048.10

Corda 162.31

Corda 162.32

Corda 162.71

Flat 923.02

Flat 923.12

Flat 923.75

Flat 924.74

Flat Soft 9W3.75

Flat 923.65

Flat 923.B1

Flat 9P3.01

Flat 9P3.81

Flat Soft 9W3.01

Flat Soft 9W3.02

Flat Soft 9W3.11

Flat Soft 9W3.12

Flat Soft 9W3.74

Fusion 044.L3

Libra 298.01

Libra 298.11

Libra 298.21

Libra 298.51

Loft 085.03

Loft 085.42

Loft Soft 085.13

Loft Soft 085.52

Lucky 906.B1

Princess 128.32

River Chair 903.11

River Snake 903.10

River Stone 903.00

River Stone Small 903.05

Riverside 903.21

Sella 291.20

Spirit 404.31

Spirit 404.33

Spirit 404.51

Spirit 404.53

Step 904.B1

Up 917.B1

Up Chair 907.B1

Up Lounge 917.25

Up Lounge 917.27

Up Lounge 917.28

Up Lounge 917.35

Villa 323.32

Wave 901.01

Wave 901.06

Wave 901.16

Wave 901.21

Wave 901.51

Wave Soft 901.36

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