Sandler Social Distancing Strap

18th May 2020

Governments worldwide are enforcing social distancing, as person to person contact is the most likely method of spreading Covid-19. Their advice recommends people maintain at least 6 ft distance between themselves and others outside of their households. Social distancing cannot 100% stop all transmissions, however, this simple precaution carried out effectively and on a large scale, will categorically break or slow down the curve of transmission.
Sandler can help you to introduce and enforce social distancing in your workplace to protect your staff, their families and other members of the public. Taking these measures will ensure that your workers can continue their important work and you can keep your business running for longer.
The popular Sandler Social Distancing Strap can simply be placed on the seat to identify the chosen social distancing pattern. We have developed a social distancing aid to help individuals adhere to social distancing regulations ahead of services resuming. The strap can be simply attached to any seating model using a Velcro strap, which also makes removal and repositioning easy. Made from brushed aluminium for added durability with signage that can be customised to fit with your design guidelines. Popular applications may include university lecture theatres, schools, conference halls, cinemas, theatres, public transport and business auditoriums.
The social distancing collection also includes protective screens and gel dispensers.