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Manufactured entirely in Italy, the Tonon collection has evolved from the designs of some of Europe’s leading furniture designers - Martin Ballendat, Mac Stopa and Peter Maly, to name but a few. Using innovative materials, shapes and themes, it represents the cutting edge in Italian innovation and creativity.

Club 048.01

Club 048.71

Beret 301.41

Question mark 046.41

Steeltable 827.28

Steeltable 827.29

Steeltable 827.49


The Montbel Collection represents everything that is respected in Italian craftsmanship and design. Manufactured entirely in Italy, all aspects of the collection’s manufacturing are controlled in-house ensuring the superlative attention to detail that is the Montbel hallmark.

Flor 2.1

Leela 1.1

Leela 1.2

Leela 2.1

Leela 2.2

Leela 5.1

Leela 5.2

Luma 1.0

Luma 1.0K

Luma 2.0

Luma 2.0K

Yarda 1.1

Leela 3.1

Leela 3.2

Leela 4.1

Leela 4.2

Luma 3.0

Luma 3.0K

Luma 4.0



Diadema 04010

Diadema 04011

Diadema 04012L

Diadema 04012TD

Diadema 04012TS

Diadema 04013TS

Diadema 04020

Diadema 04021

Diadema 04022L

Diadema 04022TD

Diadema 04022TS

Diadema 04023L

Diadema 04023TD

Diadema 04023TS

Diadema 04030

Diadema 04031

Diadema 04040

Diadema 04041

Diadema 04050

Diadema 04051

Luma 5.1

Luma 5.1K

Luma 5.2

Luma 5.2K

Luma 6.0

Luma 6.0K

Luma 6.3

Luma 6.3K

Luma 6.4

Luma 6.4k

Luma 6.5

Luma 6.6

Luma 6.6K

Luma 6.7

Luma 7.0

Luma 7.0K

Luma 7.1

Luma 7.2

Luma 7.3

Luma 7.3k

Luma 8.0L

Luma 8.0R

Luma 8.1L

Luma 8.1R

Luma 8.2

Luma 8.2L

Luma 8.2R

Luma 8.3L

Luma 8.3R

Luma 9.0L

Luma 9.0R

Luma 9.1L

Luma 9.1R

Luma 9.2

Luma 9.2L

Luma 9.2R

Luma 9.3L

Luma 9.3R

Star 9.1

701L Line


Designed and manufactured in Spain, the Inclass collection typifies the avant guard creativity of some of Europe's greatest designers, including Jorge Pensi and Ramon Esteve. Manufactured to exacting standards The Inclass Collection combines style, durability and originality.

Dunas Lounge 5.1

Dunas Lounge 5.2

Dunas Lounge 8.1

Tetris 0300

Tetris 0310


The Milano collection presents a range of Italian designed and manufactured chairs and barstools. Each model is available in a wide choice of finishes including vivid lacquers and stains. Upholstery can be supplied from our graded-in selections or in COM.

Gradisca 617

Gradisca 619

Aloe 432

Aloe 432-I

Doll 550

Doll 551

Doll 552

Gradisca 620

Gradisca 622

Aloe 434

Aloe 434-I

Aloe 434CS

Aloe 434CS-I

Doll 555

Doll 555CS

Doll 556

Doll 556CS

Doll 557

Doll 557CS

Gradisca 623

Gradisca 623CS

Gradisca 625

Gradisca 625CS

Gradisca 626CS

Gradisca 628CS

Doll 562

Doll 563

Doll 751

Doll 752

Et Al

Manufactured in Italy, the Et Al collection offers a range of stylish and sturdy furniture at highly competitive price points, offering practicality without compromising comfort and design. Many of the models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are stackable.

Ambit 1040

Ambit 1041

Ambit 1045

Ambit 1046

Ambit 1047

Ambit 1050

Ambit 1051

Ambit 1055

Ambit 1056

Ambit 1057

Ambit 1060

Ambit 1061

Ambit 1065

Ambit 1066

Ambit 1067

Abaco 753

Abaco 754

Ambit 1070

Ambit 1071

Ambit 1075

Ambit 1076

Ambit 1077

Abaco 750

Abaco 751

Abaco 752

Abaco 755

Abaco 756

Abaco 757

Abaco 758

Abaco 759

Abaco 760

Abaco 761

Abaco C120

Abaco C60

Abaco+ 812

Abaco+ 813

Abaco+ 814

Abaco+ 815

Abaco+ 816

Abaco+ 817

Abaco+ 818

Abaco+ 819

General Seating

Ariane 1.1 LB

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