Latest Features

Quote system enhancements

ADDED 12th September 2019

Building on the recently introduced CRM system, a wave of enhancements have now been launched. These include the ability to assign Quick quotes to Projects once full details are known, ability for CSRs to assign quotes to Reps when creating on their behalf and the ability for Reps to edit and create new versions of quotes originally created for them by a CSR. An updated CRM system user guide is now available for download.


Website support

ADDED 10th September 2019

We’ve added two new sections to the Rep Area to allow you to have quick access to technical support for any issues that you might experience with our website. The new Report an Issue form allows you to contact our UK-based website development team direct and they will get back to you as soon as possible. We’ve also added a new Suggestions form and would welcome any ideas that you have that might allow us to improve our website even further.


Modular Configurators landing page

ADDED 10th September 2019

A new Modular Configurators landing page has been added to the Rep Area to allow direct access to our configurators for the Lapse, Tetris, Pau and Escalas ranges.


New Rep Menu released

ADDED 1st September 2019

To help navigate the ever-growing Rep Area a new menu system has been introduced. All pages are contained within five categories, Quotations, Products, Resources, Company and Website.

COM Configurator

ADDED 7th June 2019

We’re very excited by our new COM Configurator. This great new feature allows users to upload their own fabric swatch images to the 360º configurator to see how their fabric will look on our products. The final render image will also appear on quotes!

New CRM functionality

ADDED 1st April 2019

As of April 1 2019 we have introduced a new CRM system to allow all quotes to be assigned to a Project, and all Projects to be assigned to a database of Customers. The process of adding products onto a quote remains the same, but there are new steps to follow to create the final quote. You can watch a demonstration of the new system on this video ( and also download a PDF user guide.


GSA section launched

ADDED 5th June 2018

Having successfully been accepted onto the GSA scheme we’ve launched a new section of the website dedicated to GSA-approved products. Within this section you can make quotes for GSA-approved projects with all products pre-discounted to registered GSA pricing.


Product Comparisons

ADDED 3rd June 2018

We’ve launched a great new feature that allows users to compare the specifications of uptown four products side-by-side. On all product listings a new compare icon will appear as you hover over a product – simply select two or more of these and hit ‘Compare’


Improved product list filtering

ADDED 2nd June 2018

At the top of all product listings you’ll find a set of new filters for product materials and features – such as sled base and arms. These make it even easier to quickly find the sort of product you are looking for.The sidebar menu’s have also been changed and now feature the ability to narrow listings down by product type.

User Guide

Installation gallery enhancements

ADDED 1st June 2018

We’ve recently launched some enhancements to the popular Installation Galleries. Images can now be filtered by product type or suggested use. Plus, when viewing images at full size the products featured in them are displayed and will link through to product detail pages.


New Range-based What's New page

ADDED 1st June 2018

To help showcase the full range of new products that are launched onto the site we’ve changed our What’s New page to feature range-based installation shots. These all link through to individual range landing pages where all products can be found.


Product quickview

ADDED 30th May 2018

We’ve added a great new feature that allows you to quickly access key product details without needing to load the full product page. When you hover over a product on the product listings you’ll see a new eye icon – simply click this to activate a pop-up featuring a large product image, specifications and description.


Recently viewed products

ADDED 30th May 2018

Within the left sidebar on product listings you will now find a feed of recently viewed products. It’s the perfect way to quickly get back to a product you’ve already looked at.

CAD file page improvements

ADDED 28th May 2018

To help users track down the files they are looking for we’ve added new filters for file type and format. We’ve also added a new ‘Request 2D’ file function for users to request our team to draw 2D models.


Net pricing requests

ADDED 18th May 2018

By popular demand, we’ve added new functionality to enable registered users to quickly contact their local state Rep to request Net pricing. Alongside all pricing tables, the new ‘request net pricing’ button brings up a pre-populated enquiry form that can be submitted directly to the relevant rep – keep an eye out in your inbox for these coming through!

Quotation sub-sections

ADDED 24th May 2017

We’ve added some very useful functionality to your basket that allows you to split quotes into sub-sections and sort the order that products appear. When you create new sections you can add products to them, move or copy products between them and assign different quantities to duplicated products. All changes made within the basket will then be replicated on your final quote. Please check out our User Guide for more details.


What's in the Press

ADDED 1st May 2017

Check out what the design press are saying about us. Within our new press section you’ll find links to articles and posts that feature us or our products.


360º Configurator

ADDED 10th April 2017

We’re very excited to have launched a new product configurator that allow users a 360º view of our products….in any finish combination! Great for anyone wanting to check that a chosen product will suit their colour scheme. At launch, we have approximately half of our products on the configurator and we’re working hard to get the remainder added soon. Just look out for the animated banner on product pages to launch the configurator.


Pricelists on demand

ADDED 2nd April 2017

We’ve introduced new PDF pricelists that can be generated ‘on demand’ from within your Downloads section. These new PDFs pull product and pricing data directly from the website – meaning that if a new product is online, it will also be within the pricelist download.


New Woodlook website launched

ADDED 22nd March 2017

We’ve recently launched a brand new website for our Woodlook Collection. Not only does the new website feature information about the unique properties of Woodlook products, but it also integrates seamlessly with – meaning you now enjoy one single login, cross-site search and full quoting functionality.


Improved Table Configurator

ADDED 15th March 2017

We’ve made some improvements to our table configurator to make it even easier for users to specify the perfect table for their requirements. We’ve added new filters for top shape and size, and improved the overall process.


Award winners recognised

ADDED 11th December 2016

The unique quality of our products are regularly recognised by some of the worlds most prestigious design and interiors awards. Take a look at our latest winners within our new awards section.


Enhanced product PDF's

ADDED 28th September 2016

We’ve recently made changes to the product PDFs that you can create for each product. Clicking the PDF icon on any product page (logged in users only) will now create a multi-page PDF featuring product specifications, frame and seat finish options, other products in the range and multiple alternative images.


ADDED 15th September 2016

Need a product fast? Check out our new Quickship section that features a range of stock items that are ready for quick dispatch from our Conover facility. Stock levels are displayed for each product and you can filter by product type and quantity required.


Stretched Goals

ADDED 1st September 2016

For those of you with access to online sales stats, you will now see a new stretched goal alongside your annual quota target and your realised sales.

Catalog Ordering

ADDED 1st July 2016

As we have recently replaced our binders with a new literature box, we’ve made changes to the way you can order literature. You can now request the new box and any catalogs you need to put in it on the catalog ordering page.


Intelligent Search

ADDED 20th June 2016

We’ve made it even easier for you to find the range that you are looking for. Our new intelligent search will recognise the words that you are starting to type and offer suggested results based on the first few characters you type. It will also make suggestions for mis-spellings!

SAT Files Now Available

ADDED 11th May 2016

Along with 3DS and CAD files, we are now able to offer SAT files for some of our products. We’ll be adding more over the coming months as we receive them from manufacturers.


Rep Suggestion Box

ADDED 22nd April 2016

We always love to hear feedback from our Reps on what we could do to enhance the services we offer. Within your Rep Area you’ll notice a Suggestion Box where you can send us a quick note of any ideas you have.


Improved search filters

ADDED 13th April 2016

We’ve made some changes to the search filters within the header of the site. You can now quickly find products by filtering your search by product type or material.

Installation Gallery

ADDED 11th April 2016

You can now find 100’s of high resolution installation images within our new Installation Gallery. You can filter the gallery by Collection or Range, or use the keyword search to find images by location or environment. We’ll be regularly updating the gallery with new images and would encourage you to upload any photographs you have that you think others would benefit from.


Sandler Seating Blog

ADDED 10th March 2016

Our new blog is the place to keep up to date with everything that is happening at Sandler Seating. You’ll find a mix of in-depth articles, product launch news, designer interviews and feeds of our latest social media posts.


Rep Directory

ADDED 10th February 2016

You can now find contact details of all of our Reps within our new Rep Directory. If you notice that your own details are a little out of date, or if you would like to add additional information, you can edit your profile within the ‘Your profile’ section of the rep area. We’d really love it if you would upload a profile image too!


Reps dashboard

ADDED 9th February 2016

The first thing you see when logging into Sandler Seating, your new Reps Dashboard puts all of your files and assets at your fingertips. From the dashboard you can link direct to your current quote basket, view your previous quotes, find and download files, keep abreast of our latest news and much more.


Flipbook catalogs

ADDED 8th February 2016

We know how much everyone loves to browse through our catalogs, so we’ve now made them all available online as interactive flipbooks.


Improved product filtering

ADDED 8th February 2016

We’ve now made it even easier to find the exact product that you are looking for. With improved categorisation and new product listing filters you can quickly narrow down your search to just the products that fit your requirements.


Improved quotation process

ADDED 8th February 2016

Creating quotes are now easier than ever. For each product you will see the range of finish options available and you can simply select your desired colour swatch. Once you’ve filled all of your empty finish boxes you will see the price of your selection and the option to add it to your basket. The majority of our products have options for frame and seat finish, but a growing number have additional options for an even more personalised design.

Dealer Management

ADDED 7th February 2016

If you have dealers working on your behalf you can now set them up as users on our website. Within their own secure login they can make and send quotes in the same way that you can. You will be able to access all of your dealers quotes within the Dealer Management section of your Rep Area.