Sandler Seating Product Warranty

This warranty is issued by Sandler Seating, Inc., a Georgia Corporation, of Atlanta, Georgia

to CUSTOMER, Original purchaser only.

WHEREAS, Sandler Seating Inc., agrees to guarantee its products against breakage of structural elements (hereinafter: “fails” or “failure”) for a period of Two Years from date of delivery. Sandler Seating, Inc. will repair or replace in its sole discretion, and at its cost, any chair which fails within two years of delivery due to manufacturing defects, resulting in a failure of product, providing the following standards are complied with by the purchaser.

1. Any chair failure for which a warranty is claimed, must be reported within 30 days from the occurrence of the failure;

2. Purchaser will care for and maintain the chairs in good condition and will replace any worn or missing glides;

3. Stacking models will not be moved in complete stacks unless transported on chair dollys;

4. Purchaser will permit Sandler Seating, Inc. representatives to inspect any damaged chairs on site and to take supporting photographs if required.

Exclusions from Guarantee

1. Normal wear and tear defined as; “reasonable deterioration in the quality of the product attributable to its use as commercial furniture over a two year period”.

2. Intentional, willful or accidental damage;

3. Negligent mishandling, misuse, stacking or moving of the furniture.

4. Any modifications to product unless authorized in writing by Sandler Seating Inc.

Sandler Seating Inc., a Georgia Corp.