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Martin Ballendat: On Design

10th June 2015

From the first idea to the finished prototype, every new product has a long journey with all the steps that are necessary to make my idea a success. Step by step, almost everything is from one source: design, construction and engineering. This is all thanks to our qualified staff and the best technical equipment available.

For over ten years I have occupied myself with the twisted shape, a shape that ergonomically adapts the aesthetic flow of the body of the user and to design this twist (rotation) in a way that makes a functional sense, as armrests, as a back support, a laptop surface, headrest etc. The possibilities of interpretations are excessive and the aesthetic result is very often amazing yet simple.

Lucky chairs from Sandler Seating

The prototype itself remains with a talented model builder that has a great sensitivity to the product and a passion for its creation. For such a shape to be created requires a lot of work before the
production process begins. Multiple tools have to be constructed and everything has to be
moulded, which requires a considerable amount of knowledge and technical know-how.

Our design studio is equipped with the most up to date engineering machines that help us to
establish the correct direction for the production process. 3D printer, 5-axis CNC milling machine, 3D laser scanner, all this with the appropriate CAD software are required within this process.

up chairs from sandler seating

The models are crafted, scanned and drawn in 3D, milled and created in a rapid prototyping or 3D printing machine that is then revised by hand, adapted and evolved and then constructed once more until the design is perfected. Such efforts only make sense if there is customer satisfaction and support behind a product and the response that we have had from our products have made it worth it.

Currently we work for more than twenty well known brands in twelve countries. We have received over one hundred design awards which have demonstrated the success of our design studio and team. Our products have been used in a huge range of areas and by many global brands. –

Martin Ballendat

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