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Product Features

  • Frame Design

    The unique double rolled steel frame gives the chair an inherent flexibility offering unparalleled strength and stability.

  • Chair Feet

    High specification chair feet feature non-marring rubber cushions over u-shaped steel glide along with tension grip to avoid unintentional removal.

  • Self Levelling

    The inherent flexibility of Sandler's double rolled steel frame compensates for uneven floor surfaces.

  • Guaranteed

    All Sandler double rolled steel chair frames are guaranteed for ten years.

  • Frame Linking

    Chairs are linked as closely as possible to minimise row lengths. Chairs are linked with an additional 25 mm of space.

  • Continuous Floor Bars

    Continuous floor bars allows rows to be linked together temporarily, offering complete flexibility in seating layouts.

  • Tip-Up Seats

    Tip-up seat allows easier entry or exit between rows. Available with automatic or manual tip-up function.

  • Seat Back Options

    Convenient detachable book racks, Sponsors panels and Embroidered seat backs.

Start by selecting your preferred table top. You will then be presented with a choice of compatible table bases.

Cono 4001

Cono 4002

Firenze 9013

Firenze 9015

Firenze 9017

Firenze 9018

Firenze 9213

Firenze 9214

Firenze 9215

Firenze 9217

Firenze 9218

Firenze 9219

Firenze 9220

Firenze 9224

Firenze 9225

Firenze 9226

Firenze 9514

Firenze 9517

Firenze 9518

Firenze 9614

Firenze 9617

Firenze 9618

Firenze 9620

Firenze 9625

Firenze 9626

firenze 9014

511 AX

512 AX

512A AX

513 AX-VR

577 XT

577AF XT

577B XT

577F XT

578 XT

578A XT

578B XT

579BT XT

579Q XT

579T XT

580AQ XT

580AT XT

580BT XT

580Q XT

580T XT

581 MT

582 MT

582A MT

582G MT

583 MT

584 MT

584A MT

590AQ XT

590AT XT

590Q XT

590T XT

591AQ MT

591AT MT

591Q MT

591T MT

592 XT

593 MT

594 XT

595 Q XT

595T XT

596 AQ XT

596AT XT

596Q XT

596T XT

597 MT

598T MT

599AQ MT

599AT MT

599T MT

Round Stratified Compact Full Color Top

Round Stratified Compact Top

Round Top with Ply Edge

Round Top with Rubber Edge

Round Top with Self Edge

Square Stratified Compact Full Color Top

Square Stratified Compact Top

Square/Rectangular Top with Ply Edge

Square/Rectangular Top with Rubber Edge

Square/Rectangular Top with Self Edge

Round Solid Wood Butcher Top

Round Solid Wood Plank Top

Round Wood Veneer Top

Square/Rectangular Solid Wood Butcher Block

Square/Rectangular Solid Wood Plank Top

Square/Rectangular Wood Veneer Top

Domino 5160

Art 493 Saturn

Art 494 Saturn

Cast 450A

Cast 450B

Cast 450C

Cast 450D

Cast 452A

Cast 452B

Cast 452C

Art 462 Viena

Art 463 Viena

Art 464 Viena

Art 464H Viena

Art 464HD Viena

Round Gloss Stainless Steel Top

Round Matt Stainless Steel Top

Square Matt Stainless Square/Rectangular Top

Square/Rectangular Gloss Stainless Steel Top

Plain Round Werzalit Table Top

Plain Square/Rectangular Werzalit Table Top

Round Rattan and Arte Werzalit Table Top

Round Wood Finish Werzalit Table Top

Square/Rectangular Rattan and Arte Werzalit Table Top

Square/Rectangular Wood Finish Werzalit Table Top

Balmoral Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Balmoral Granite Top

Malaga Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Malaga Granite Top

Nero Assoluto Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Nero Assoluto Granite Top

Oro Veneziano Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Oro Veneziano Granite Top

Rosa Porino Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Rosa Porino Granite Top

Rosso Imperiale Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Rosso Imperiale Granite Top

Verde Bahia Granite Square/Rectangular Top

Verde Bahia Granite Top

White Marble Table Top

White Marble Top

Round Laminate Top

Square/Rectangular Laminate Top

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