Inspec by Sandler

16th November 2020

Inspec is a division of Sandler, offering a wide range of high-end furniture designs targeting the corporate market. The craftsmanship of this collection will always be modern, and the design always essential.

Inspec features timeless pieces of furniture that also point to the future. Unique designs characterized by innovation and aesthetic awareness that never go out of style. Clarity of design, truth to materials and industrial production are the essence of Inspec. The signature Scandinavian style is delivered to public spaces, homes, and offices, creating a world of elegant modern interiors.

Inspec products are forward-looking and innovative. With each new product the rich tradition of Scandinavian design gives new life to the principles of the modern movement. Innovations in materials, production technique and style bring new life to Inspec and to its customers, where the relevance of innovation leads directly to increases in productivity and market viability.

From humble beginnings Sandler has built its reputation on quality fabrication and exceptional design, Inspec will undoubtedly be no exception.

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