From Sketch to Final Product: The Question Mark Chair

15th September 2022

Question Mark Sketch

Every designer knows that the trick to creating a successful design is often down to how detailed their first initial sketch is.

In order to see what works well and what doesn’t, a designer will sketch out various shapes, lines, and functions, before deciding on their finished final design.

Question Mark Sketch

Taking a closer look at our Question Mark chair, which was designed by Stefan Heiliger, we have a product which has become synonymous with high-end Italian design. Question Mark is a sophisticated swivel lounge chair, that has – as you might have guessed – a silhouette that resembles a ‘question mark’.

Question Mark Sketch

A great initial sketch can be the difference between a memorable design that is loved, and a design that is short-lived and quickly forgotten.

Having won multiple awards over the years, Stefan Heiliger has managed to create a renowned piece, which is instantly recognizable. Through careful initial planning and sketching, the Question Mark chair was born.

Question Mark Sketch

The Question Mark chair offers an upholstered seat, which has been padded with fire-proof injected foam. The central column base is made from long-lasting stainless steel and includes a 360 degree swivel with memory return function. The continuous curved structure creates an eye-catching design statement and is perfect for hotel lounge areas, hospitality venues and residential homes.

Question Mark Finished Product

For further information on Question Mark, please click here.