How to Set up a Modern Work From Home Office

3rd February 2022

  • Why is it important to have a home office?
  • What does every modern home office need?
  • Home office setup ideas

Home offices have changed significantly over the past 18 months. Once seen as a privilege only those who occupied large family homes could afford, since the pandemic begun in 2020, working from home has become an everyday norm for many employees.

Whether we live in a mansion, apartment or simply rent a room, we have had to adapt to this new way of working life. In this article, we look at how to create a modern home office setup, which doesn’t require you to have an entire spare room at your disposal.

Why is it important to have a home office?

The goal of a home office setup is to create a productive environment, as if you were working in a traditional office, whether that’s a dedicated space or a makeshift nook in the corner of a hallway. If you can, having a space which is separate from your living area and bedroom is beneficial, as it will provide you with a healthier work/life balance. Check out this article on how to stay productive whilst working from home:

What does every home office need?

  • A functional desk

Every home office needs a well-designed desk to work from. An attractive, contemporary and versatile desk option is our HDS Desk. The desk uses clever features to produce a dedicated workspace all within a 24” wide area, making it perfect for compact homes. Such features include an integrated modesty panel, bag hooks and an attractive ergonomic curved tabletop, which helps to reduce muscle strain on wrists and forearms. A desk is a crucial component to any home office setup for productivity.

  • Executive Chair

Another requirement of a home office is to invest in a good quality chair. We would advise against working on a laptop from your bed or sofa, as this not only makes it more difficult to concentrate, but can also cause health deterioration, such as back and neck problems, due to long periods of time looking down at a screen.

A great chair option is our Of Course Executive Chair with swivel feature. Featuring an aluminum base, with a medium backrest and castors for hard or soft floors, this office chair is available in a range of versatile fabrics and leathers.

  • Lighting

It is preferable to find a space which is flooded with natural light, but if this isn’t readily available, artificial lighting can help to not only bring a space together but minimise unnecessary pressure on your eyes. A table lamp is crucial, especially during the shorter days in winter. For some lighting ideas see this article: 

  • Other Home Office Ideas

Other home office ideas you might want to consider investing in include greenery, folders, storage solutions and stationery, as well as a few trinkets, such as photo frames.

It has been scientifically proven that having plants around us helps with our concentration and breathing. Folders, storage and stationery are also paramount to creating an organised desk and a few photo frames of friends and family, as well as personal items, can help to keep your motivation levels high. Check out this article for ways to keep a workspace organised: