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InClass Collection

Pau is a versatile collection of upholstered modular elements that can be arranged in an endless number of layouts to adapt to the most diverse architectural styles and settings. The collection is made up of upholstered elements of different sizes, manufactured with or without backrests and that can be fitted with wooden, upholstered or metallic arms.

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Pau 6.0

Pau 6.1

Pau 6.2

Pau 6.3

Pau 7.0

Pau 7.0 S1

Pau 7.0 S3

Pau 7.1

Pau 7.1 S1

Pau 7.1 S3

Pau 8.1

Pau 8.2

Pau 8.3

Pau 8.5

Pau 8.7

Pau 9.1

Pau 9.2

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