Small Office Furniture – Modern Furniture for Small Offices

24th March 2022

Decorating a small area can present quite a few challenges not experienced in larger environments. With limited space, it can sometimes prove tricky choosing the correct furniture, as well as figuring out what color to use on the walls and how to accessorize effectively.

In this article we look at small office furniture ideas. Improve your productivity and impress your guests with space-saving furniture for small offices or home offices that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Compact Desks

Our Parentesi Desk is a great option for smaller spaces thanks to its innovative design. Made from oak with a top in High Pressure Laminate, Fenix or Hide, the Parentesi desk features both a modesty panel, as well as raised panels to the rear of the desk for additional privacy.

The desk is perfectly formed for small offices, measuring 110cm in width, 91cm in height and 59cm in depth.

Our HDS Desk was created by Luca Fornasarig to provide smaller corporate offices and home offices with a compact option. The desk uses clever features to produce a dedicated workspace all within a 24” wide area, making it particularly suited to offices with an awkward layout and design.

  • Modular Seating

Modular seating is ideal for smaller spaces, thanks to its versatile form. Choose from different elements to create a bespoke piece of furniture that works for a variety of work environments.

Please see here for our entire collection of modular seating options, which includes sofas that are more suited to waiting areas and furniture that is perfect for office break-out spaces. We also stock modular dining sets which are perfect for small office kitchens, as they can be set up in various combinations.

  • Minimalist Chairs and Stools

Our broad range of office chairs means there’s something suitable for any work environment, including compact spaces. Choose from versatile stools or chairs in neutral color ways. Stools are perfect for compact spaces due to their size and the ease of transporting them around an office. Minimalist furniture choices often provide a fresher, more open feel to a space, whereas too much color can make a room feel smaller and boxed in.

Our new A22 Stool, which is coming soon to our Inspec division, is an ideal choice for office environments. Designed for impromptu meetings, the A22 stool will be available in various sizes, is stackable and simple to manoeuvre. The stool is offered with a small gap between the tubular frame and back edge of the seat, which creates an integrated handle for easy moving and lifting.

It features a comfortable seat, which is angled slightly forward to encourage its users to occasionally stand. This helps to keep bodies moving in environments where we are sat still for long periods of time.

Our Add Move Stool is another great example of what works well in small offices. The range comes in different sizes and legs, including a design with casters, which allows for versatile working. The range can be easily stored away when not in use to create more space within an office.

See here for a full range of our office chairs at Sandler Seating.


For further inspiration on creating some great working spaces, please see a recent article from Dezeen: