Thoughts on Design with Annette Lang

8th August 2017

“Product design is an exciting profession. It allows you to make a statement and to form and create the present world”

Award-winning German designer Annette Lang has built an outstanding reputation in product design since studying at The Academy of Art in Stuttgart. Now with her own creative studio in Wiesbaden, Annette’s work focuses on the development and design of consumer goods in the fields of household utensils, tableware, offices, furniture, lighting and medical technology.

“I got into design when I was a teenager. I scribbled and sketched a lot my surroundings and assembled randomly found treasures to form objects. This was when the idea came up, that product design could be something useful for me to study. Inspirations can come from everywhere: my surroundings, travel, objects I collect when travelling, observing the world around me and discussing things with my family.”

“Every design process is different and unique… sometimes I start with a clear vision and proceed my work with sketches that I turn into models at an early stage. A model shows you right away where you are mistaken and what you have to modify.” Annette’s work in Furniture design led to her collaborating with Tonon in Italy. Her work graces our Tonon  including the recently released Spirit collection (pictured above.) “Sometimes I only have a vague idea but I then check out every possible design option until I feel that I am going in the right direction. What definitely helps is to have a concrete briefing of what is requested, what you want to convey with the product.”

Released this summer, Spirit provides a sophisticated selection of chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs and sofas for hospitality spaces. Available with optional button detailing, the upholstered collection can evoke a contemporary or vintage style to suit personal preferences and multiple uses. Elegant solid wood legs are available in Beech or Black Walnut, whilst Spirit can be upholstered in a range of fabrics or leathers, including COM.

Annette describes a typical day for her involving jogging with her dog Coco in the woods, exchanging ideas and discussing design with her assistant and family (“my best critics”), checking models and prototypes in the workshop and relaxing in the evening with a good book and glass of red wine.

“Product design is an exciting profession. It allows you to make a statement with which you can form and create the present world. Your design reflects your attitude, philosophy and it can influence and change the behaviour of the consumer world- I find this truly exciting.”

Our popular Charming collection, has additionally been designed by Annette and has proved to be a charismatic hit across numerous restaurants and hotels. Available with or without arms and with suave elongated back, Charming’s fully upholstered shell is paired to perfection with stunning Beech wood legs.