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Sandler Social Distancing Strap

Governments worldwide are enforcing social distancing, as person to person contact is the most...

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Early in his design career Marc Sadler patented the first ski-boot made from completely recyclable...

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How to find A* Seating for Educational Spaces

With all the students, staff and visitors that make up a school's audience on a regular basis-...

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Thoughts on Design with Annette Lang

"Product design is an exciting profession. It allows you to make a statement and to form and create...

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Discover River Stone

Have you discovered River Stone Yet? Created by award-winning designer Mac Stopa, River Stone is...

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Thoughts On Design with Antonio Minervini

"My design process always starts with emotion." "Before I begin to, I always imagine the space...

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Martin Ballendat: On Design

From the first idea to the finished prototype, every new product has a long journey with all the...

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