Thoughts On Design with Antonio Minervini

8th May 2017

“My design process always starts with emotion.”

“Before I begin to, I always imagine the space that the object will live in. This is because I want my product to be part of a story but also to be so well designed to melt within it as if it had always been there.”

Antonio Minervini moved to Udine to pursue his craft after completing his architecture studies in Venice. What followed was recognition as a young designer at the renowned Milan Design Fair that led to Antonio designing products for a variety of high-end brands.  “Over the years there has been a great change in my way of designing. At the beginning, I always thought about the single piece in its pure form. However, as years went by, I understood that what was interesting about designing a chair, a lamp or a sofa was to set them in a real situation, as if to tell a story.”

To begin the design process, Antonio’s first step has always been to map out his inspirations using white paper and a ballpoint pen. “I clip the most significant sketches, then I highlight the parts I want to communicate more effectively. I lay out projects combining images that communicate what it’s all about. It could be movie pictures, photos of actors, artworks or details of the materials, all it takes to convey the emotions of the story.”

Aside from his own creativity, Antonio additionally values the importance of communicating with manufacturers when bringing a project from design to the end-result. “I love being in factories to check every detail. Working on the prototype with a range of professionals is crucial for a good idea to become a successful product: manufacturer, prototype creators, upholsterers, carpenters, sales agents and many others. Only by joining all these insights together it is possible to create a product that can withstand the market test, but most of all the time one.”

“My greatest ambition is for the products I design to become necessary items and that their use is so natural that the name of the designer, the brand and the year of production are forgotten, to leave room for a feeling of intimate familiarity.” Antonio acknowledges that the chair is the most difficult piece to draw, due to the challenge of embracing the human body. However, this does now show in his sleek creations which include our popular Garbo range from the Montbel collection. Antonio’s graceful Italian designs translate to a range of public spaces, providing comfort matched with timeless style. Edgar is Antonio’s latest release, introducing fully upholstered armchairs with a ruched fabric inner-back and wide cushioned seat.