A Quick Guide to Modern Executive Office Design

31st May 2022

What is an executive office?

An executive office is a place of work, usually in a corporate setting. It is normally the base of operations for key executives in the company, and as a central hub that coordinates the function of all associated facilities of the business.

An executive office design should therefore be three things – sophisticated, comfortable, and functional. With studies showing that US executives work longer weeks than the average worker, it is imperative to offer high-quality furniture and well-designed office spaces, which will inevitably result in better productivity from employees.

The space must be practical and multifunctional, with a balance of style and ergonomics.

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What is a good executive office layout?

An executive office layout should be clear and well designed. Offices have been increasingly trying to create spaces that employees are excited to work in. This can include investing in accessible meeting rooms, dedicated workspaces, relaxed breakout spots, and an area for refreshments and snacks.

What are the innovative ideas and trends in executive office design?

Since the pandemic has created a shift in the way we work over the past two years, we have seen companies trying to offer a balanced aesthetic of home and work. Mixing elements of the home with more traditional forms of an office will not only result in a truly modern executive office design but will ensure employees feel looked after as well.

While office furniture will vary in style and materials, every piece should be ergonomic since employees will be spending much of their day at the office.

Sustainability also plays a key role within the trends we are seeing. Companies are looking for new ways to make their offices more sustainable day-to-day and this has influenced both design and product designs.

With this in mind, take a look through some of our executive office chair ranges, which will help to add a sophisticated, comfortable, and functional aesthetic to any executive office design.

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BINAR Executive

Designed to inhabit executive suites, the BINAR Executive armchairs combine elegance, timeless modernity, and ergonomics. The collection stands out for its excellent comfort, enveloping shapes, and exclusive upholstery. BINAR Executive also offers a convenient return swivel feature, making it suitable for busy work environments.

The BINAR Executive armchairs are available with two backrest heights and can be upholstered in a wide range of leathers and fabrics.


Refined design, versatility and comfort are the hallmarks of BINAR 60. They are available with two backrest sizes and can be equipped with a wide range of bases with different functionalities.

The collection also offers numerous customization possibilities to adapt to the requirements and style of each project.


Another stylish option is our VARYA 2.8 design, which features a polypropylene seat and back with metallic arms. The 4-leg epoxy coated base with casters allows for easy movement around an open-plan office or executive meeting room. The design is available in a variety of color options and finishes, making it the perfect option for versatile workspaces.


Our Altea high-back armchair is fully upholstered, with a 5-spoke polished aluminum base on casters. The height is adjustable, and the chair features a swivel and tilting mechanism, offering complete versatility.

The Altea collection is available in three heights, with diverse bases, including a cantilever base, wooden leg base and sled base, which all offer different functionalities. With an emphasis on comfortable seating, the range is also perfect for adding a sophisticated look to home offices. This executive office chair has everything you’ll need to design an executive office.

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