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General Seating

HDS 1.1

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HDS 4.7



Designed and manufactured in Spain, the Inclass collection typifies the avant guard creativity of some of Europe's greatest designers, including Jorge Pensi and Ramon Esteve. Manufactured to exacting standards The Inclass Collection combines style, durability and originality.

Ellora Circuit Breaker

Ellora Interlink 2

Ellora Interlink 3

Ellora Plugin

Node with Plugin


Varya 1.8

Varya 1.8 PP

Varya 1.9

Varya 1.9 PP

Varya 2.10L

Varya 2.10L PP

Varya 2.10R

Varya 2.10R PP

Varya 2.8

Varya 2.8 PP

Varya 2.9

Varya 2.9 PP

Varya Tapiz 2.10L

Varya Tapiz 2.10R

Varya Tapiz 1.8

Varya Tapiz 1.9

Varya Tapiz 2.8

Varya Tapiz 2.9

Et Al

Manufactured in Italy, the Et Al collection offers a range of stylish and sturdy furniture at highly competitive price points, offering practicality without compromising comfort and design. Many of the models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are stackable.

AX 514 - Adjustable Feet

Harvey RC 300

Harvey SC 240

Harvey SC 300

Hull 1.1

Hull 2.1

Hull 2.2

Hull 3.1

Hull 4.1

Salinero 8.1

Salinero 8.2

Salinero 8.3

Salinero 8.4

Salinero 8.5

Salinero 8.6


Social Distancing Strap

Sandler multi-purpose

UTT - Universal Table Trolley

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