Five Ways to Transform an Office Waiting Room

21st February 2022

First impressions are said to be ‘everything’, which is why it’s important for office waiting rooms to feel and look both welcoming and stylish to perspective clients and employees.

There are several key points to consider when creating a comfortable yet professional waiting room. The first point is to ensure the space is not overcrowded with furniture. Only choose items which work well together and will help to elevate the space. It is also important to find the right ambience, which can be quite challenging, as a waiting room needs to be functional, yet warm and inviting.

In this article we look at five of the best ways to transform an office waiting room.

  • Durable sofas and chairs

Choosing the right furniture is the most important way to transform a waiting room. As waiting rooms tend to be naturally high traffic areas, a durable sofa is imperative in order to stand up to any wear and tear. Sandler offers a variety of options that are perfect for furnishing a waiting room. For example, Escalas is a modular collection of sofas and benches, which are designed to inhabit modern waiting rooms, as well as lounge areas. Its elegant, timeless, and contemporary design features upholstered seats, arms of different formats, privacy panels and built-in tabletops, making it an ideal range for an office environment. Suitable options for waiting areas include our Taia and Lund designs.

  • Functional tables

Every waiting room sofa needs a functional table to complement it. A table is necessary for guests to place their drink or files on, or for decorative items such as magazines and a diffuser, which will help to give the space a more homely feel. Our new Sunny chair conveniently comes complete with an attached side table, making it perfect for having your own space, which is especially important during a time when social distancing is required. 

  • Good lighting

Rooms with plenty of natural light are always popular, but as this isn’t always a possibility, consider investing in artificial lighting that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Choose from a variety of contemporary floor, table, and wall lamps to create a relaxing yet still professional atmosphere.

  • Indoor plants and accessories

While an office waiting room should remain a formal space first and foremost, there’s nothing wrong with adding some homely touches. Try adding indoor plants to the mix, which have been scientifically proven to offer significant health benefits. Opt for textures and colors that will complement one another, as this will help to bring the space together in a warm and stylish way.

  • Think about accessibility

With guests and employees using the waiting room throughout the day, it is crucial to create a sensible layout so that it allows easy access for all. Bear in mind that it will also need to be wheelchair accessible. Our modular sofas, which are formed of multiple units, are perfect for fitting into awkward spaces and interesting room layouts. The best thing about modular sofas is their versatility, and if a company is ever in the position where it requires more seating, it is simple to purchase additional elements, which can easily slot into the original unit. Modular seating is also kind to the environment, due to the fact the furniture can be adapted, rather than thrown away and replaced. As well as our Escalas range, Lapse and Entropy are also great modular options.

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